parker palmer on depression and faith.

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  • April 26, 2014


Portraits In Faith: Parker Palmer:

When you are lost in the dark you still have a self that you can use to try to nav­i­gate and nego­ti­ate and grope your way towards some light. But when you become the dark, you don’t have any­thing to work with. And all sem­blance of reli­gious faith or a feel­ing of God’s pres­ence just dis­ap­pears. What I don’t under­stand is how some peo­ple are able to come through depres­sion and find them­selves more alive and more whole on the other side. I don’t under­stand the mys­tery of tenac­ity or what­ever you want to call it that allows some peo­ple to go through that pro­found expe­ri­ence and find them­selves back in the light with a bet­ter life than the one they had before.

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