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  • July 10, 2012

Now, if it is true that indi­vid­u­als develop a sense of con­nec­tion to and con­cern for a larger col­lec­tiv­ity in the ways that I’ve described – through the prac­tices of story, lan­guage, and love – then we should notice that peo­ple­hood edu­ca­tion does not con­flict with other sub­stan­tive, con­tent-rich Jewish edu­ca­tional efforts but rather com­fort­ably co-exists with them.

Jon A. Levisohn, “Pursuing the Pedagogy of Peoplehood: More than Mifgash” in The Peoplehood Papers, Volume 8: Nurturing Jewish Peoplehood in the 21st Century — What Should We Do Differently? (Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education, 2012)